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My name is Jan, and I am the creator and writer here on The Big & The Small Things.

Jan Lassen i Frankrig


What are The Big & The Small Things all about?

This is my way of sharing my stories, from The Big & The Small Things in life, the things that i love, the books, the travels, the food, the passion, the adventures, the simple and the advanced things, i hope that this part of my journey through this life, can inspire you, no matter where you live.

The Big & The Small Things are split into 4 areas:

Aqua - The subdomain where you are right now, and where I try to dig a little deeper into the species that we have in aquarioums, and in particular Betta Splenders

Crypto - Where I will try to share my thoughts about cryptocurrencies.

Model railroad and technic - Just a little about one of my hobbies, model railways.

The Big & The Small Things - The main part of the site, where you can find "all the other stuff".

Beside this site, you can also bump into me around the web, on different other pages.
T. ex. I like to challenge myself with a camera, and try to make better pictures today, than i could yesterday, - som of my pictures can be found here: Photo´s

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You will find a few adverts around the site, but i try to keep it at a minimum. The adverts are only here to help keep The Big & The Small Things alive and running. 

You found your way here, maybe because you know me, and don't know what else to do in your spare time, or maybe because someone did link to an article, and you wouldn't miss to read it all, what ever the reason, I hope that you will find at least some of the content interesting enough to stay for a little.

And remember, - Life is beautiful, go out there and make the best of it...

In conclusion, I would like to state that all content on The Big & The Small Things, is based solely on my own understanding and experience with the given topics, and thus is not intended as advice on a specific topic. If you choose to use some of my experiences with the given topics after reading my thoughts on them, it is entirely your own responsibility.


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You found your way to The Big And The Small Things, more specifically the part about aquariums, and some of the creatures that belong in the wet element.

The pages you will find, are most of all made for myself, as they are used as a collection of knowledge about the things that interests me, and in the aquarium world it will most of all be about betta fish and various catfish.

Currently I have 3 male betta fish and 1 female, as well as about 60 fry swimming around. These are living in 7 tanks, where the males and the female go by themselves, however with the company of some ancistrus. In total there are 8 aquariums, and in the last one reside a butterfly plecostomus, along with some neon and amber tetra.


The oldest of the bettas I have at the time being is Napoleon. Napoleon is the father of the first batch of fry, born in early October. He is currently living alone in a 10 liter (2.6 gallon) tank while waiting for his new home to be set up. He enjoys himself, but also gets a lot of attention, and is tame enough to be feeded by hand.


Napoleon, the betta fish
Napoleon, the betta fish


Then Sonic arrived. Sonic is the aggressive type, and can't let the other fish in the tank alone, from time to time he is hunting the ancistrus, but they are too fast for him, and have a lot of places to hide, so it is not much of a problem.


Sonic - Rød Betta Splenders / Kampfisk
Sonic, the betta fish


The newest of the male bettas is called Hercules, and is relatively quiet and calm, and likes to explore his aquarium, which in turn is also filled with caves, cracks and crevices. He goes well with the ancistrus who is his cellmate.


Hercules, the betta fish
Hercules, the betta fish

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